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The Working Wall

Reclaim your walls.

With our inventive and configurable designs, it’s easy to maximize efficiency and space. See all available options and select the design and system that’s right for you.

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Twofold Working Wall
The Plaza Pod

Making open work.

Give new life to open floor plans that require flexibility and productivity. Featuring comfortable bench seating, a large desk and handy whiteboard and photography options, our Plaza System lets you do more with less.

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Twofold Plaza Pod

Unrivaled design.

Developed following extensive research into the mobile workplace environment, Twofold's first products were conceived, designed, and fabricated by a multidisciplinary team of makers, architects, and interior designers.

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About the Team

Our mission.

Our mission at Twofold is to help companies optimize limited space. We do this by focusing on inventive design that’s backed by a strong financial and environmental business case.

By converting idle areas into productive, flexible workspaces, Twofold products can improve efficiency by 25% or more, thereby increasing the capacity of smaller floor plans, or enabling greater density in existing spaces. As a result, Twofold helps organizations get the most from their investments in space.

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Twofold Working Wall